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FBI porno scam is not a problem for Yoo Security to solve

One of the most common and popular ransom ware that has become the reason for the threat to the PC users is the FBI porno scam. This scam is a fake virus that claims or pretends to have come from the Federal Government or FBI. This is false and FBI has nothing to do with your PC for the claim that you have entered to an under aged porn site. The FBI porno scam is a fake malware that the hackers send to your PC to gain money from you in return of removing the virus from your PC.

What is displayed on the screen?

When you turn your PC on, you find the screen of your PC displaying a message that your Pc has been blocked by the FBI as you were accessing pornographic content through your PC and therefore you have to pay a penalty or fine of $200 or up to $450 if you want your PC to recover from the blockage or to become unlocked. The FBI scam even gives you time bondage of approximately 72 hours so that you do not get the chance to rethink but pay the money as soon as possible.

How does the virus threaten you?

The scam displays a message on the PC stating that it has come to you from The FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation. They display your IP address on the screen along with your location and other details to make the users feel that they are real and you are being watched. The scam also threatens the users stating that they will be arrested for violating the laws if they do not pay the penalty. If they pay the fine or penalty, then the virus will be removed from the PC and will be accessible again.

Can you escape the virus?

Even if your computer has been updated with the latest versions of antivirus software, there is hardly any escape from the scam. The virus can infect your PC through various ways like through the attachments of SPAM emails, through the downloads from illegitimate sites or even by simply entering the legal sites where they use certain hacking kits or tools to infect your site and once the virus infects your PC, you cannot do anything to stop it. The scam will start to change the settings of the PC.

How to remove the FBI porno scam from your PC?

The scam can be either removed manually, or by the security service providers like the Yoo Security. The Yoo Security has the experience and knowledge about how to remove the virus from your PC without paying the money to the hackers. They provide you all the support to try to start the PC anew. But if the manual solution is not accessible, then they will help you with all the other supports to remove the FBI porno scam.

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